Elegance In Interior Design.

Elegance in interior design should be in the form of transforming a simple-to-elegant interior grounds of a home or an estate.

A Minimal Interior Can Change The Game.

The minimal interior designing we do will in fact change the game of any client’s space. Whether it is in a residential home or a commercial business space, we have some enlightening and creative interior designing ideas that will fit your style. This means we question everything according to the client’s creative desires.

Everything Customized to YOU

Trimattra-Interior Design Company in Bangladesh will customize your home or business’ interior space according to your needs or desires. Whether we place a custom-mixed paint splash on a wall for you or rearrange your home or workspace with fabulous decorum and furniture, you will be amazed.


When our interior designers customize according to our client’s taste and style, we research ahead of time to tailor make the right choices and customized to YOU accordingly.


When our designers go into the strategic design solutions for your home or workspace, every element is tastefully crafted around YOU.


We design for our clients in order to make a better living or working environment for them. This includes design remodeling for residential or commercial spaces.

We Make Interiors Exceptional.

Part of our interior design team’s work involves an environmentally conscious project. This means when we build or design around the needs of our clients, we utilize the best materials that are eco-friendly for fixtures, finishes, and furniture. This naturally includes the selections made from antiques and coverings to lighting and accessories, as well as artwork.

Shopping-Mall Interior

Hotel and Cottage

Workstation Interior

Our Works

Some of our works include vintage and ancient styles to contemporary and modern to eco-friendly and rustic; in most cases, our works have implemented every element of the design spectrum which includes the client’s final approval. Some of our works have also included industrial to oriental styles in the mix.

Leading Interior Design Firm.

We are one of the leading interior design firms in the Bangladesh region. With a multitude of contractors and talented interior designers, we know we can custom-build and transform the look of your residential or commercial space affordably and eco-friendly. With a transformation from Trimattra – Interior Design Company in Bangladesh, your will have one of the best design firms at your disposal.

Quality first

Why choose us

Well-considered design

We guarantee Trimattra will guide you every step of the way for a well-considered design.

Seamless solution

Even if you have never worked with an interior designer before, we are committed for a seamless solution.

Value for your investment

Our focus is always on the value of your investment which means every selection will be detailed accordingly.

Customer oriented

Our diverse team of architects, contractors, and talented artisans are all customer oriented.

Very competitive Rates

Our rates are competitive and if that means that we need to lower a price because of one of our competitors, we’ll do what we have to do!
Happy customers.

"Trimattra came up with a quick interior design custom built around our garden. It worked and we have hired them every chance we can because of their diligent worth! Great job with the time we had and with pure perfection."




"Bold furniture has brought the energy into our family’s home because the architectural team of Trimattra – Interior Design Company in Bangladesh. It is the modern look that our large family was very fond of having. This is what we wanted."




"Feeling the tradition of Bangladesh in our home, there is so much to say on their designer’s skills and artistic talents. Thank you for the mix of creativity, color, and texture you all added to our family’s guest house!"




"We love everything the interior designers from Trimattra Interior Design Company in Bangladesh did! We recommend them to anyone who wants a keen eye tailored to their living or working space. Each designer perfectly added his/her own taste."




"The architectural team was awesome! They made my home’s family living room area warm and inviting for all who walk in. Some of the elements used in the design were a mix of wood and metal which made the interior design natural looking."




"The mix of fabrics and materials along with floral arrangements and bold or subtle hues made the entire interior of our home look amazing. We definitely need them again during the fall/winter season…we have lots of space which need revamping!"




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Towfiq Omi

Creative Director, Daffodil

About Us

Committed to Quality Since 1990

Trimattra – has been committed to a wide range of quality projects since 1990. We work with various clientele on diverse and creative designs for residential and commercial space. This includes multi-family buildings and high rises. Additionally, if you own a restaurant, we can design and build a nice comfortable environment for your patrons. Whether it is in the lobby or in the lounge area, we’ll match our experience with what you envision!

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Why should I hire Trimattra?
We have the right people who have the experience and the capabilities to work from the ground up while at the same time banding together with professional vendors, suppliers, and architects. We plan diligently and work well with people. We will do everything we can in order to make sure the work is smoothly created and done the right way and on time and within budget.
What if I want to buy something?
Yes, if there is something the designer does not source out, then you can still buy it. It is your vision we want to make a reality. Therefore, during the consultation or meeting with our interior designers, discussing your plans on what you plan on buying as well would be greatly appreciated.
Can you buy more than the client such as me?
There is no limit as to what either client or the designer can buy. In fact, if you find something you would like to add to the project, let us know. You can buy as much as you would like.
What is your style?
Trimattra has various styles. We can go from vintage and authenticity, to classy and traditional; we also have a contemporary style as well as modern look. Let us know what you want and you will see that the best style is waiting for you once you tell us what you have in mind.
When should I hire an interior designer?
Hire an interior designer as soon as you begin to think about your idea or vision of a new renovated or refurbished room or home you own. Even though it is an idea, it is something that you may want to share with professional interior designers because it is fresh and needs attention immediately. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact Trimattra Interior Design in Bangladesh as soon as you think about having a new look.
Do we have to be there when you are working on a project for us if we hire you?
No, you do not have to be at the work site while we are working on your project. Although, we do ask for your contact numbers so if we have any questions we can easily get in touch with you.
I live outside of the Bangladesh area, so can you still work for me?
We are accustomed to traveling but so are our clients. Therefore, even if you do not live in the Bangladesh area, we still can work for you or your company. It is part of the business. We work with high end clientele who have to utilize social networks, or media, emails, and chat groups…etc. it has never stopped us from doing an interior design project ever.
Can I see more samples of your work?
You can see more sample of our work, or each interior designer that works for Trimattra Interior Designer of Bangladesh. We have a multitude of samples and design past performance projects for you to see if you request.
What experience do you have?
We have at least 30 years of interior design experience. In fact, we have various genres and time period examples we can go by when we are working on a client’s interior project because of the multitude of options there are today then there were years ago, or when we first launched our business back in 1990.
What cities do you work in?
We: can work in various cities. We are accustomed to working in a global network. In fact, most of our clients are international but the majority of them do live in India and Europe. Although, if we are needed in a certain region, we will do everything possible to be there in order to get the project momentum rolling.

Our Vision

Our vision is not nearly the same as it was when Trimattra surfaced years ago. In fact, we have developed more so because of the growth in the residential and commercial marketplace. This includes, but not limited to all the fabrics, interior furnishings, various colors and textures, mixes, and artisans involved and frankly, the creativity that is pulled into every source with a keen eye for detail!

I believe design is a process

I prototype and iterate

I design and build


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