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Interior Design Company in Bangladesh

Elegance in interior design should be in the form of transforming a simple-to-elegant interior grounds of a home or an estate.

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Trimattra will customize your home or business’ interior space according to your needs or desires. Whether we place a custom-mixed paint splash on a wall for you or rearrange your home or workspace with fabulous decorum and furniture, you will be amazed.


When our interior designers customize according to our client’s taste and style, we research ahead of time to tailor make the right choices and customized to YOU accordingly.


When our designers go into the strategic design solutions for your home or workspace, every element is tastefully crafted around YOU.


We design for our clients in order to make a better living or working environment for them. This includes design remodeling for residential or commercial spaces.

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Interior Designer- Professional Interior Services in Dhaka Bangladesh.

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Making your vision come true

The minimal interior designing we do will in fact change the game of any client’s space. Whether it is in a residential home or a commercial business space, we have some enlightening and creative interior designing ideas that will fit your style. This means we question everything according to the client’s creative desires.

If you are an outdoors person, then we can customize that outdoorsy comfort feeling you may have when you walk into your house. You want to fee as comfortable as possible in order to suit the way you live, from inside / out.

With a comfortable environment some people like a minimal amount of things and elements in their work space. We offer an immersive, but unique space for your interior home or interior work space.

Personal & Targeted Approach- Interior Company

Well-Considered Design!

We guarantee Trimattra will guide you every step of the way for a well-considered design.

Seamless Solution!

Even if you have never worked with an interior designer before, we are committed for a seamless solution.

Value for Your Investment!

Our focus is always on the value of your investment which means every selection will be detailed .

Customer Oriented!

Our diverse team of architects, contractors, and talented artisans are all customer oriented.

About us

BD Interior Design


Defining you needs and wants is what we are after. Trimattra Interior Design in Bangladesh want to know what you envision in your definition of comfort and beauty and with that in mind, we’ll do everything possible to create that everlasting touch and mark you want in your residential and commercial work space.


Design is the important element when we begin the development and construction process. Ordering, creating, and last but not least, collaboration with our vendors, fabricators, and builders is the last task we will work on before going onto the actual creation of the interior design project


We will refine an existing space if you so choose. Otherwise, we will refine the plans we prepare for you after our first consultation or meeting with you to allow a refresher in collaboration. Refining the schedule of materials, timeline, budget, and other needs will also be met by Trimattra Interior Design of Bangladesh.


We collaborate with our professional builders, such as the architects and engineers. We build from the ground up if we have to. Therefore, as we construct the plan and design accordingly, we know that the building process not only becomes part of the materials and supplies needed, but also building on a foundation we have with our clients.

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The Services Of our Company

Trimattra Interior Design in Bangladesh is part of the eco-friendly interior designer for all types of environments and spaces of a residential or commercial space because this is what we strive for. Thus, it is considered the best interior for every environment in India as well as other continents world-wide.

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work great as well. When you hire a touch of class or rustic décor around your living space, you will feel the décor speak to you. It becomes a magical and whimsical calling when providing ancient artwork with classic furniture. For instance, adding decorations in your foyer will make it immaculate to walk into.

Business Interior

The interior of a business is just as important as a home’s interior. You want to make your customers feel welcome; with that in mind, we will design a remarkable business interior for your company.

Home Interior

A home’s interior is going to be immaculate when we are finished with your residence.

Office Interior

In order to be productive in your office, it’s important to feel at home, in a sense, so we make office interior projects amazing to work in.

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Value for Your Investment!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Efficient Process

“Architecture is inhabited sculpture.” – Constantin Brancusi

Top Interior Firm in Dhaka

Why We Are The Best

We put our interior designing creative stamp on everything we do! In fact, moments to memories become an even more magical way to decorate a residential space or commercial office.

Committed to Quality

Trimattra – Interior Design Company in Bangladesh has been committed to a wide range of quality projects since 1990. We work with various clientele on diverse and creative designs for residential and commercial space. This includes multi-family buildings and high rises. Additionally, if you own a restaurant, we can design and build a nice comfortable environment for your patrons. Whether it is in the lobby or in the lounge area, we’ll match our experience with what you envision!

Our Works

Some of our works include vintage and ancient styles to contemporary and modern to eco-friendly and rustic; in most cases, our works have implemented every element of the design spectrum which includes the client’s final approval. Some of our works have also included industrial to oriental styles in the mix.Very competitive Rates. Our rates are competitive and if that means that we need to lower a price because of one of our competitors, we’ll do what we have to do!

World Class Design Firm

We are one of the leading interior design firms in the Bangladesh region. With a multitude of contractors and talented interior designers, we know we can custom-build and transform the look of your residential or commercial space affordably and eco-friendly. With a transformation from Trimattra – Interior Design Company in Bangladesh, your will have one of the best design firms at your disposal. Our customers come to us because of Trimattras’s well known reputation in Bangladesh.

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What our clients say

Mr. Mamun, LifeLike Developers Ltd

Bold furniture has brought the energy into our family’s home because the architectural team of Trimattra – Interior Design Company in Bangladesh. It is the modern look that our large family was very fond of having. This is what we wanted.

Mr. Reza, SAR Securities Ltd

We love everything the interior designers from Trimattra Interior Design Company in Bangladesh did! We recommend them to anyone who wants a keen eye tailored to their living or working space. Each designer perfectly added his/her own taste.

Mr. Iftekhar Beg, M.D BEG Technology Ltd.

The architectural team was awesome! They made my home’s family living room area warm and inviting for all who walk in. Some of the elements used in the design were a mix of wood and metal which made the interior design natural looking.

Best Interior Design Company

Innovative ideas for Innovative Future

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Golam Azad

Golam Azad

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Waqar Hasan

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Mahamudul Islam

Mahamudul Islam

Executive Director

Billal Hossain Uzzol

Billal Hossain Uzzol

Senior Engineer

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