Our Architects

Combining the efforts and talents of our architects, Brad Thompson, Mark Wood, and Jessica Bailey, along with their creative endeavors is what we strive for at the Trimattra Interior Design Company in Bangladesh. What our team is

Brad Thompson

Creates a unique and professional style which encompasses the individual needs every client Trimattra works for.

  • REsidential Design
  • Commercial Design
  • Construction Management

Jessica Bailey

The aesthetic blends of Bailey’s sophistication and style is part of the team’s ability to piece together an entire creative suite of interior design.

  • Interior Design
  • Public Spaces
  • Urban Designer

Mark Wood

Mark Wood is considerably known to have a keen taste for creativity. With a vast amount of experience in various styles, he emphasizes traditional, classic, and the modern look.

  • Interior Design
  • Public Spaces
  • Urban Designer

Let’s Build Something

Lets build something big. Together we can make a beautiful space for you.