A Team of Passionate Interior Designers.

We put our interior designing creative stamp on everything we do! In fact, moments to memories become an even more magical way to decorate a residential space or commercial office.

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work great as well.

When you hire a touch of class or rustic décor around your living space, you will feel the décor speak to you. It becomes a magical and whimsical calling when providing ancient artwork with classic furniture. For instance, adding decorations in your foyer will make it immaculate to walk into.

Our Story

When we began our company  in 1990, with Trimattra Interior Design, there was no turning back once our clients told us that we did a wonderful job and continued to refer us by word of mouth!

Our Design Process

We will set up a free consultation and collaborate. It is a basic client and designer meeting in order to discuss your vision. We’ll then prepare from the meeting what we discussed in the form of a presentation. This will be with a thoroughly researched before we present to you the design and findings. Naturally become the presentation with all your options in play along with the specifications.



Defining you needs and wants is what we are after. Trimattra Interior want to know what you envision in your definition of comfort and beauty and with that in mind, we’ll do everything possible to create that everlasting touch and mark you want in your residential and commercial work space.



Design is the important element when we begin the development and construction process. Ordering, creating, and last but not least, collaboration with our vendors, fabricators, and builders is the last task we will work on before going onto the actual creation of the interior design project.



We will refine an existing space if you so choose. Otherwise, we will refine the plans we prepare for you after our first consultation or meeting with you to allow a refresher in collaboration. Refining the schedule of materials, timeline, budget, and other needs will also be met by Trimattra Bangladesh.


We collaborate with our professional builders, such as the architects and engineers. We build from the ground up if we have to. Therefore, as we construct the plan and design accordingly, we know that the building process not only becomes part of the materials and supplies needed, but also building on a foundation we have with our clients.

Home Workstation

We can refine and spruce up your work space or workstation if you need. It is important to reflect your space with tasteful arrangements around your office or home workstation because of the comfort you need to work in. Therefore, we can rearrange and add or renovate the entire area you have at home in your home office.